I’ve always been creative. My interests in fashion design had me drawing wedding gowns like I was the next Vera Wang. I dreamed of tulle petti skirts, spanish lace veils and birdcage fascinators. I spent my high school years creating dresses for every type of bride. I filled books and books with sketches of dream weddings- not only dresses, but desserts, flowers & table settings. Every last detail I had envisioned and planned according. This is where my fantasies came true and this is where I thought I was heading.

Craig and Emily-1

When I met Craig, I knew from our very first date that he was ‘the one’. We were planning a wedding within a year and all my childhood dreams were coming true. Everything was planned and perfected by my very own hands. I felt like a D.I.Y. goddess.

It wasn’t until 3 years of marriage that I realized that the passion I had for my very own wedding would translate into something much greater. True love inspired me, enriched me and gave me purpose.

It wasn’t the dress and all the little details that made my wedding day so special- it was the marriage, the emotion and my very own love story.I no longer wanted to draw wedding gowns. I wanted to capture the joy and overwhelming happiness I felt on my very own wedding day.

It has been through photography that I have been able to pass on to my brides the same overwhelming feelings of their once in a lifetime event. Even though I still love capturing all the details- it’s the smiles, tears and endless laughter that brings me back to my very own wedding.

Finding true love inspired me, enriched me and gave me purpose. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to be able to work with couples who have had the same dreams as me. But it’s even more wonderful to be able to capture those dreams coming true!